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Английский язык: уроки онлайн

Уровень Elementary

Урок 3. The Present Simple Tense. Настоящее простое время. Глагол To have. Модальный глагол Can

Тема 3. Образование специальных вопросов. Вопросы к подлежащему. Отрицательные вопросы

Упражнение. Выберите правильный вариант для подстановки.

  1. you usually get up? - At 8 o'clock.
  2. she play the piano? - Because she likes it.
  3. they do at weekends? - They play cards.
  4. you earn? - 25000 rubles.
  5. your brother spend his free time? - He plays the guitar.
  6. she like to read? - Classics.
  7. you go to the theatre? - Twice a month.
  8. Mike buy CDs? - In the supermarket.
  9. gives you freedom? - My bike.
  10. she like to go shopping with? - Her mum.

Упражнение 2. Определите, являются ли предложения грамматически правильными (Correct) или неправильными (Wrong).

  1. Who in your family does play the piano in the evening?  
  2. Why you don't listen to me?  
  3. What do you think about our new teacher?  
  4. Where you usually spend your holidays?  
  5. What doesn't she do to attract his attention?!  
  6. Why always do you worry about your pupils?  
  7. How do you often go abroad?  
  8. Who doesn't want to join our company?  
  9. What sort of people do you like?  
  10. Who don't wants some extra money?  

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