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”ровень Elementary

”рок 4. The Present Continuous Tense/ Ќасто€щее длительное врем€

“ема 1. ”потребление насто€щего длительного времени. ќбразование утвердительных и отрицательных предложений. —окращени€.

”пражнение 1. ¬ыберите правильный вариант дл€ подстановки.

  1. Mike and Jane playing tennis in the park.
  2. I playing the guitar.
  3. My brother listening to the music.
  4. They going home at the moment.
  5. He watching TV now.
  6. She shopping every weekend.
  7. We very hard to pass the exams well.
  8. Pardon! I you.
  9. He is a good time with his friends at the moment.
  10. I sure about the quality of his work.

”пражнение 2. ќтметьте правильные предложени€ словом Correct, а неправильные Ц словом Wrong:

  1. I think that stray dog is dieing from hunger?  
  2. Quick! The lecture is just begining!  
  3. The little puppies are playing with each other.  
  4. The policeman is checking his driving license.  
  5. The children don't watching TV.  
  6. My father and I am doing the flat.  
  7. You are not working properly!  
  8. Some people are trying to open your car!  
  9. He is drinking beer all the time.  
  10. I am not playing football at weekends.  

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