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Английский язык: уроки онлайн

Уровень Intermediate

Урок 1. Времена группы Perfect: Present Perfect (повторение), Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous

Тема 4. Past Perfect Tense. Придаточные предложения времени

Упражнение 1. Определите, является ли предложение правильным (Correct) или неправильным (Wrong)

  1. When she had sung her last song, she sat down.
  2. Before the sheriff discovered the truth, the prisoner had escaped.
  3. I not had prepared the report and the boss was very angry.
  4. The Browns built a new house after they had borrowed the money.
  5. He did not wait till we had finished our meal.
  6. He had been expelled from school because he insulted the headmaster.
  7. Before they had walked half the way, the child started to cry.
  8. As soon as the young actress had taken part in that film, she became famous on the next day.
  9. After the gangsters chose the leader, they had started to plan a murder.
  10. Jane was dissatisfied with her life until she had met Michael.

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