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Уровень Intermediate

Урок 4. Времена английских глаголов (продолжение). Future Perfect/ Future Continuous/ Future Perfect Continuous/ Future-in-the-Past/ Future Perfect in-the-past/ Future Continuous in-the-past. Согласование Времен (Sequence of Tenses)

Тема 7. The Future Perfect Continuous in-the-past Tense/ Будущее Длительное Совершенное в Прошедшем. Образование утвердительных, отрицательных и вопросительных предложений. Употребление

Упражнение 1. Выберите правильный вариант.

  1. The peasant knew that in two months he for 30 years.
  2. The repairman promised that the car by the following week.
  3. We did not expect that by three o'clock the meeting for five hours without a break.
  4. The pupils knew that their teacher the class by the end of the lesson.
  5. He said that by five o'clock he the test for three hours.
  6. The artist said that in a month he the picture for a year.
  7. The girl hoped that her fiance her before the New Year.
  8. We were told that the following summer the old man silent for fifty years.
  9. I was sure she out the truth before the right time.
  10. It was a great surprise to know that the following day the prisoner for two weeks.

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