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Уровень Intermediate

Урок 7. Причастие / The Participle

Тема 1. Причастие 1 / Participle 1. Present Participle Active.

Упражнение 1. Выберите правильный вариант. Определите тип обстоятельства, который выражает выделенное причастие.

  1. They stood together quietly holding each other's hands.
  2. Knowing English well he had no language problems in London.
  3. The two lovers sat on the bench looking up at the stars.
  4. When writing the book he came across many interesting facts.
  5. Having no friends the boy kept silent all the time.
  6. The woman was walking alone the road crying loudly.
  7. Her drunken husband lay on the sofa smoking.
  8. Sitting in the cafe she spilt some juice on her new blouse.
  9. Reading many books he often takes part in quiz shows.
  10. A stranger ran up to me saying something nervously.

Упражнение 2.Определите, является ли предложение правильным (Correct) или неправильным (Wrong).

  1. The man walked slowly as if hiding from somebody.
  2. Be careful when cross the street.
  3. While walking our dog we found a wallet full of money.
  4. Don't looking her best she tried to charm several men.
  5. When come home I ran into my old school friend.
  6. Every morning he drinks coffee reading a fresh newspaper.
  7. I like to fall asleep listening to classical music.
  8. My brother watching TV when doing his home work.
  9. Playing the guitar well he joined a rock band.
  10. When looking through my family photos I often feel happy.

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