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Английский язык: уроки онлайн

Уровень Pre-Intermediate (1)

Урок 6. Adjectives. Comparatives and superlatives. / Прилагательные. Сравнительная и превосходная степени.

Тема 4. Другие сравнительные конструкции

Упражнение. Выберите правильный вариант.

  1. He is so naughty as his brother.
  2. After work I sometimes crawl as a snail.
  3. Your boyfriend is as beautiful as Apollo.
  4. Our teacher often becomes angry like a tiger.
  5. Her look is as sharp as a knife.
  6. Your course work is as better as your neighbour`s.
  7. The businessman is as rich like a sheik.
  8. So, I worked as a farmer from morning till night.
  9. After the accident with fire he became as blind as a bat.
  10. We are hungry as wolves. Give us something to eat.

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