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Английский язык: уроки онлайн

Уровень Pre-Intermediate (1)

Урок 8. Действительный и страдательный залог

Тема 2. Образование отрицательных и вопросительных предложений в страдательном залоге

Упражнение 1. Выберите правильный вариант.

  1. by your family now?
  2. as one of the best singers since 1975?
  3. The dinner cooked when I came
  4. When ?
  5. This room for many days.
  6. yesterday?
  7. How many hamburgers in our city every day?
  8. Who at the moment?
  9. What at the last conference?
  10. I offended by his behaviour.

Упражнение 2. Определите, являются ли предложения грамматически правильными (Correct) или неправильными (Wrong).

  1. Will be it stopped one day?
  2. The pupil was not given a new task.
  3. Has he been sent to hospital last week?
  4. I don't be understood at home.
  5. This topic will not be discussed at the conference.
  6. When was our president elected?
  7. Has the dog been found when you were walking in the forest?
  8. This old film has not been shown for two years already.
  9. The puppy is not being fed at the moment.
  10. This song will be sang at the coming charity concert.

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