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Английский язык: уроки онлайн

Уровень Upper-Intermediate

Урок 1. Инфинитив / The Infinitive

Тема 1. Indefinite Infinitive Active / Неопределенный Инфинитив. Функции. Особенности употребления.


Выберите правильный вариант. Какую роль в предложении выполняет инфинитив?

  1. He advised us to spend a night in the basement.
  2. You can leave any time.
  3. We began to work on the problem.
  4. The tourists made a fire to warm up the kettle.
  5. It is great fun to swim with dolphins.
  6. The police asked us to tell what we saw.
  7. The two lovers went out so as to listen to nightingales.
  8. I am too old to make such journeys.
  9. To walk every day is good for health.
  10. We are so happy to visit him on weekends.

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