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Уровень Upper-Intermediate

Урок 1. Инфинитив / The Infinitive

Тема 3. Indefinite Infinitive \Неопределенный Инфинитив без частицы TO.


Выберите правильный вариант.

  1. I decided to have a rest and … a quiet life in the countryside.
  2. Why not … your marriage here?!
  3. He made me … everything.
  4. I was made … my business.
  5. You’d better ... quiet.
  6. She would rather die than … him.
  7. Let me help you … the door.
  8. You can … what you want.
  9. The princess could not but … the brave young man.
  10. My friends and I would rather … to a restaurant tomorrow.

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