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Уровень Upper-Intermediate

Урок 2. Герундий / The Gerund.

Тема 6. Особенности употребления существительных и местоимений перед Герундием

Упражнение. Определите, является ли предложение грамматически правильным (correct) или неправильным (wrong).

  1. His car’s stealing, he could get to work on time.
  2. Do mind mine taking your pen?
  3. I don’t like your working late at night.
  4. They were surprised at not having found the money in the safe.
  5. What about our having taken a taxi?
  6. She was afraid of her pet dying.
  7. Their quarrel resulted in Michael's driven home.
  8. Our marriage depends on my father's saying "Yes".
  9. The teacher did not object to I going home.
  10. There is no chance of our winning the game.

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