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Краткий справочник по деловой переписке

Типы деловых писем

Ответ на запрос. Предложение

Помните, что вы начинаете общение с вашим возможным клиентом. Ему будет приятно прочитать, что ваша фирма была бы очень рада с ним сотрудничать и помочь ему с выбором товаром. Поэтому непременно высылайте с каталогами, прайс-листами и т.п. небольшое сопроводительное личностно-ориентированное письмо.
Постарайтесь писать ответ на письмо-запрос в тот же день, когда вы его получили. Тем самым вы не только покажете свое внимание к потенциальному клиенту, но и опередите своих конкурентов.
Если у вас нет запрашиваемого товара, необходимо написать письмо-отказ. Выразить сожаление в письме и написать отказ - недостаточно. Каждый шаг должен иметь положительный эффект для вашего бизнеса. Поэтому вместе с извинениями желательно грамотно предложить альтернативу отсутствующему товару.

Примеры писем-предложений


We thank you for your letter of 28 June, and are glad to inform you that all the items listed in your enquiry are in stock. We arc enclosing a proforma invoice for the allumimum fittings you are interested in. If you wish to place a firm offer, will you please arrange for settlement of the invoice by draft through your bank, and advise us at the same time.
We can guarantee delivery in Melbourne within 3 weeks of receiving your instructions. If you require the goods urgently, we will arrange for them to be sent by air, but this will, of ccmrse? entail higher freight charges, We are enclosing details of our terms of payment, and would be happy to discuss discounts with you if you would kindly let us know how large your orders arc likely to be.
We are looking forward io hearing from you, and assure you that your orders will receive our immediate attention.
Yours truly,

Dear Sir,

In reply to your request for our Catalogue № 135 we enclose a copy herewith, and we hope you may find it useful. You will find an order from inside to assist you in choosing the items you may require.
Yours faithfully,

Dear Sirs,

We shall be only too pleased to supply you with display material of our book "The Great General". We have instructed our advertising department to dispatch immediately 12 show-cards, 6 posters, 3 photographs and 1 life-size portrait of General MacAndrew; we have asked them to add 12 wrappers, which, we think, you will find very effective. We are very sorry that we cannot send you a large dummy but we have not made one of this title.
We should appreciate it very much if you could send us a photograph of your window and hope that your display will be very successful.
Yours faithfully

Фразы и выражения

  • We are pleased to have your enquiry of… /We thank you for your enquiry about…
  • Replying to your enquiry of 2nd of May we are pleased to inform you that we hold stocks of all our products.
  • In reply to your enquiry, we are enclosing full particulars of our export models.
  • We have pleasure in offering you the following goods…
  • Our prices include packing and carriage.
  • The price includes delivery to the nearest railhead.
  • Prices are subject to variation without notice, in accordance with market fluctuations.
  • Payment on for an initial order would be required on proforma invoice.
  • Our terms and conditions of sale as printed on our invoices must be strictly observed.
  • Goods ordered from our old catalogue can be supplied only until stocks are exhausted.
  • This is a special offer and is not subject to our usual discounts.
  • In view of the heavy demand for this line, we advise you to order at once.
  • The model you have asked for is out of production, but we can supply the improved model instead.
  • Please send us your instructions by cable (telex/fax).
  • Please wire/cable/telephone your order.
  • Kindly confirm your order at the price quoted.
  • If our proposal is acceptable to you please confirm by return.
  • Your reply by return will be appreciated.
  • If you let us have your instructions by Thursday at the latest, we could…
  • Our whole experience is at your service. We hope you will make use of it.
  • We should appreciate the opportunity of showing you how efficiently we can serve you.
  • As we execute all orders in strict rotation, we strongly advise you to order clearly.
  • We are sure that these goods will meet your requirements, and look forward to your first order.
  • Our services are at your disposal.
  • We will hold a quantity in reserve for you, as we feel sure you would not miss such an opportunity.

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