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Краткий справочник по деловой переписке

Типы деловых писем

Рекламное письмо

Задача рекламного письма - привлечь внимание человека, убедить его, что именно ваш товар принесет ему пользу и выгоду. В приведенных примерах писем и фраз вы увидите, что существует достаточное количество интересных приемов для привлечения внимания потенциального покупателя.

Примеры рекламного письма

Dear Sir,

Our new Spring collection of suitings contains designs which, I am sure, will be of great interest to you personally.
Interest, however, is not merely confined to the more formal suitings, for we also have an exceptionally pleasant selection of week-end and country worsteds in our Daks suiting range. I believe the patterns enclosed will appeal to you, one is a novel design for town wear, and the other two indicate the trend for muted shades for country wear, I do hope you will be able to call and let us show these fine new materials. As you know, we arc open until 7 p.m. on Thursdays.
Should you require any further information on current styles or cloth, please do not hesitate to telephone me at Grosvenor 763S.
Yours sincerely,

Dear Mr. Coop,

Time flies. You may think it is still a long time to Christmas, but with all the things still to be done it will be here sooner than you think. So why not tackle this annual problem of Christmas presents now!
You have probably already begun to rack your brains with a problem of what to give your wife.
We want to give you an idea. Buy her one of our 'Blast Mixers'. It will do a hundred jobs for her: shake cocktails, whip, stir or beat up cream, eggs or cake mixture, make ice-cream, delicious biscuits. In short, it will be a blessing for the whole house.
But you must see for yourself. May we show the "Blast" to you in action. If you sign and post the enclosed card we shall send our representative round and he will explain the advantages of this wonderful machine. A short demonstration will do more than a hundred letters to convince you of the joys it will bring into your life.
And we assure you that if you have one, your wife will love it - and you.
Yours faithfully,

Фразы и выражения

  • Has it ever occurred to you …?
  • Have you thought of the benefits that our services can bring to your business?
  • Your telephone call will have immediate attention for booking and information.
  • Please fill out the enclosed reply card if something has been troubling you.
  • Consider some of the advantages of these goods.
  • This machine is neat and compact. Handling is extremely simple.
  • It is just the very thing for you.
  • The cost is so infinitesimal that it is hardly worth mentioning.
  • Our products have been regarded as the best for a century and a half.
  • The reputation of our products has been spread by all who know them.
  • Competition has not affected the quality or attraction of our goods.
  • You will be interested to know that we have just introduced our new…
  • We can offer you a special price (discount) if you place your order before…
  • Please let us know if you would like to have samples or a demonstration.
  • We assure you of our commitment to produce the highest quality services to our customers.
  • It is our sincere desire to give you the personal attention and satisfaction.
  • For holidays at home or abroad, you get a wonderful feeling of freedom and ease when you wear our suits - especially when every one else around you is sweltering in heavier clothes.

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