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Краткий справочник по деловой переписке

Типы деловых писем


Цель этого письма - восстановление и продолжение сотрудничества с давними и преданными клиентами. Если по какой-либо причине вы потеряли связь с одним из клиентов, то не упускайте возможности немедленно напомнить о себе.
Письмо-напоминание должно быть оригинальным, тактичным, иметь личностно-ориентированный характер и быть доброжелательным. В письме вы выражаете сожаление, что ваши отношения прекратились. Интересуетесь, по какой причине клиент перестал сотрудничать с вами, обещаете урегулировать все проблемы. Стараетесь вновь привлечь внимание клиента к вашей продукции и убедить его в необходимости сотрудничать с вами.

Примеры писем-напоминаний

Dear Mrs. Gertsy,

Your charge account with us has been dead for 3 months and we are writing to you to find out the reason. Has there been any omission or lack of service on our part? If so, we apologise here and now and should be grateful to you if you would tell us where we have gone wrong so that we an put it right. Perhaps we have made a mistake. Pope said: *To err is human? to forgive divine*
We value friendly relations between our customej-s and ourselves and are confident that you wilt allow us to serve you in the future as we have done so often in the past.
Yours sincerely

January, 28 1996

Dear sir:

As I write this letter, I`m reminded of an old Norwegian proverb which says:
"On the path between the homes of friends… grass doesn`t grow!"
In a manner of speaking, the grass seems to have grown somewhat lush between your doorstep and our place of business during the past year. Frankly, I am little disturbed because you have not used your charge account for so long a time. I am disturbed because your absence from our shore may indicate some dissatisfaction. Perhaps we unwillingly have done something to displease you. If so, won't you write to me so that may make amends?...

John Sergel

Hello, Mr. Spomer...

When we are friendly with a group of people that we like ... wouldn`t it be a natural thing to recognise the absence of one of them?
In that connection, Mr. Spomer, I refer to you as a friendly customer of ours…and believe me, the absence of your orders is sure obvious.
I hope it isn't due to some mishap on our part. If so, I sure would appreciate your telling me.
If everything has been going along fine, and it is just an oversight, would you be kind enough, Mr. Spomer, to remember us the next time you need office supplies?
''Thank you" Mr. Spomer ... we'll sure enjoy having you in the "KRILOFFICE GROUP" again.

M.E. Kriloff

Dear Mr. Jackobs

I have before me a record that indicates that one of our representatives made a call at your house and put on a demonstration.
Since he did not receive an order I am questioning in my own mind just where the Dubon Roofing Company has failed to gain your confidence. Perhaps without any undue effort you might possibly check the items listed below which caused you to hesitate to do business with Dubon.
The Dubon Roofing Company has enjoyed the privilege of serving homeowners for over thirty-five years. We have gained the reputation of being America's Largest Roofers. We trust that we can still be of service to you.
Recently we sent you a gift, an Eletric Alarm Clock, in appreciation for your willingness to listen to the Dubon story. We trust that it will serve as a memory of good will between us.
Roofing Go

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