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Телефонный разговорник

What One Should Know About Telephone Calls
Что следует знать о телефонных переговорах

General Rules
A Call From a Coin-box Telephone
A Call From an Extension Phone
Trunk-calls Via Operator
International Calls
Using a Telephone Directory
Useful Information You Can Find in a Telephone Directory
The Most Common Words Used When Spelling Names on the Phone

Rules of Telephoning
Правила телефонного этикета

Ten Rules of Telephoning
Telephone Message
Everyday Business Etiquette
Dealing with the Women Personnel
Business Lunches

How to Start a Telephone Conversation
Как начать телефонный разговор

Starting a Telephone Talk

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Making Appointments / Договоренность о деловой встрече

Making an Appointment
Making an Appointment
Making an Appointment with a Secretary
Appointment with a Doctor
Another Appointment With a Doctor
Confirming an Appointment
Being Unable to Keep an Appointment
Calling the Maintenance Department
Appointment with a Dentist
Appointment with a Sales Manager
Asking an Appointment
Appointment with President of a Corporation
Appointment with the Head of a UN Organization

Invitations / Приглашения

Invitation to a Reception
Extending an Invitation to Lunch
Invitation to a Motor Show
Invitation to a Ballet
Declining an Invitation
Entertaining Guests
Invitation to a Dinner
Invitation to a House-warming Party
Invitation to Watch TV
Jim Invites Vera to McDonald's
Vera Cannot Keep Her Appointment

Congratulations / Поздравления

Congratulations on a Promotion
Happy Birthday
Congratulations on Marriage
Congratulations on Birth of Son

Telephone Inquiries / Справки по телефону

Inquiring About an Exhibition
Flight Information
Calling Train Inquiries
Inquiring About the Telephone Number
Inquiring About Books
Renting a House

Reservations / Предварительные заказы по телефону

Booking a Long-Distance Call
A Hotel Reservation
A Restaurant Reservation
Booking a Plane Reservation
Booking Theatre Seats
Flight Delays
Ordering Foodstuffs

Small Talk / Обмен мнениями

Two Phones in the House is Not Enough
Between Us, the Girls...
Why does Dick Want Mr. Gibson's Phone Number?
Thank You Talk
Asking After Health
Talking of Studies
Talking of Sports

Getting a Visa and Going Abroad
Получение визы и поездка за границу

Business Visa
Tourist Visa
An Applicant's Passport is Not Available
Immigration Formalities
Getting Ready for a Journey
Going to Canada
Coming Home After Vacation
The Maxwells in Moscow
The Bukins in London

Talks Among Diplomats
Разговоры на дипломатические темы

A Visit of Diplomats
At the Cardiological Centre
The U.N. Technical Assistance
Discussing a Draft Resolution
A Narrow Circle of Diplomats
A Special Mission
An Office Romance
Discussing the Ties Between the Congress and the State Department

Business and Commercial Telephone Talks
Деловые и коммерческие разговоры по телефону

Promoting the Russian-American Economic Cooperation
The Russian Commodity Exchange (The RCE)
Bank References
State Taxation of Private Business
Tariffs and Customs Regulations
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the IBRD)

Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Business and Commerce
Casual Business
An Advertisement
A Letter of Application
A Persuasion Which Failed
Two Sisters on the Telephone
Renting a House (Anglo-American Misunderstandings)
Seeking an Appointment
Invitation to Lunch
Invitation to a Party
Declining an Invitation to a Film Show
The New House Rule
Reporting a Missing Person
Refusing to Meet the Press
Giving Advice
Leaving a Message
Family Troubles
Request for a Discreet Assistance
Who Is To Be Charged?
Amateur Doctors Have a Cold Day

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