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Getting a Visa and Going Abroad
Получение визы и поездка за границу

The Maxwells in Moscow

Charles and Maggy Maxwell have just arrived in Moscow. They are staying in the Ukraine Hotel. Charles is calling Sergei Bukin from his apartment.

CHARLES: Hello, may I speak to Sergei Bukin, please?
SERGEI: Sergei speaking. Hello, Charles. I was expecting your call. How are you, old boy?
CHARLES: Fine, thank you. How is Marina?
SERGEI: She's well. How long are you going to stay in Moscow?
CHARLES: I'm winding up my business engagements on Friday, and we have a few days before leaving for London.
SERGEI: Excellent. I want to show you some interesting places in Moscow.
CHARLES: Maggy and I will be happy to go sightseeing in your wonderful city.
SERGEI: I'm glad to hear it. Moscow offers some of the finest places for the foreigners.
CHARLES: I'm sure it does.
SERGEI: I think I have already a plan for the next two days. Tomorrow is Saturday, and we'll go to the Kremlin first and then to the neighbouring Red Square and the Armory...
CHARLES: Is it a museum of the Czars' gifts, arms and regalia?
SERGEI: Exactly. Then we have lunch, and I'll take you to the Pushkin Fine Arts Gallery, the largest museum in the country. It contains a fine collection of ancient Egyptian art and paintings of the old masters. That will do for the first day.
CHARLES: What shall we do in the evening, Sergei?
SERGEI: We'll go to the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre. Once you step into the gold interior of the building you'll feel as you have returned to the imperial Russia.
CHARLES: What will be on?
SERGEI: Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake", I think. It is by far the best ballet.
CHARLES: This is marvellous, Sergei!
SERGEI: The day after tomorrow is Sunday. This will be more like a relaxation day. The weather permitting we will go to the famous Gorky Park, across the Moskva River, and then shopping. Mind you, shopping in Moscow is more of a cultural and educational eye-opener than a hunt for treasures. But still, Maggy and Marina can buy some attractive things in the GUM.
CHARLES: And the Sunday evening?
SERGEI: Circus, of course, which is a popular outing for foreign tourists. Not the New one but the Old Circus where the most talented circus stars perform.
CHARLES: We'll be delighted, Sergei. Circus is my favourite attraction. Your plan is wonderful.
ERGEI: I'm glad you like it, Charles.
CHARLES: When and where are we meeting tomorrow?
SERGEI: Marina and I will call for you at 11 o'clock. Best regards to Maggy.
CHARLES: Thank you so much, Sergei. See you and Marina tomorrow morning. Goodbye.
SERGEI: Goodbye, Charles. (to be continued)

business engagement - деловая встреча
the Kremlin - Кремль
neighboring - соседний
the Armory - Оружейная палата
ancient art - древнее искусство
gift - подарок
the Pushkin Fine Arts Gallery - Музей изобразительных искусств им. А.С. Пушкина
"Swan Lake" ballet - балет "Лебединое озеро"
relaxation day - день отдыха
treasure - сокровище
circus - цирк

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