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Телефонный разговорник

Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Invitation to a Party

The telephone went in the hall. "I expect that's Sarah now," my mother said; and my father said: "If it's anyone for me, say I'm out and I'll call them back in fifteen minutes." "Deborah," said the voice of my elder sister, when I lifted the receiver, "whatever time d'you get back these days?"

DEBORAH: Thursday is sometimes a bit hectic. Why?
SARAH: I'm giving a party tomorrow to celebrate - just a couple of dozen people - eight o'clock. Any hopes?
DEBORAH: Well... thanks. Did Erica suggest me?
SARAH: Of course not, you ape. D'you think I take notice of her suggestions anyhow?
DEBORAH: What is it, a dance?
SARAH: In a three-roomed flat? But of course. With the band of the Grenadier Guards.
DEBORAH: Seriously. Shall I know anybody?
SARAH: Well, there's me and Arabella. Fruits of the same womb. You'll recognise me by the red rose. Well?
DEBORAH: Thanks. Thank you, darling. I'd adore to come. What sort of clothes?
SARAH: Moderately smart. I'm sick of these sordid affairs where everyone comes looking as if they've washed up with the local sewage.
DEBORAH: Lovely. What time did you say?
SARAH: Eight or thereabouts. Don't eat because we'll eat.

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