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Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Reporting a Missing Person

MR. HENDRICKS: Amity Police, Patrolman Hendricks. Can I help you?
MR. FOOTE: This is Jack Foote, over on Old Mill Road. I want to report a missing person. Or at least I think she's missing.
MR. HENDRICKS: Say again, sir?
MR. FOOTE: One of my house guests went for a swim at about one this morning. She hasn't come back yet. Her date found her clothes on the beach.
MR. HENDRICKS: What was the person's name?
MR. FOOTE: Christine Watkins.
MR. FOOTE: I don't know. Just a second. Say around twenty-five. Her date says that's about right.
MR. HENDRICKS: Height and weight?
MR. FOOTE: Wait a minute. (There was a pause.) We think probably about five-seven, (1) between one-twenty and one-thirty.(2)
MR. HENDRICKS: Color of hair and eyes?
MR. FOOTE: Listen, Officer, why do you need all this? If the woman is drowned, she's probably going to be the only one you have at least tonight, right? You don't average more than one drowning around here each night, do you?
MR. HENDRICKS: Who said she drowned, Mr. Foote? Maybe she went for a walk.
MR. FOOTE: Stark naked at one in the morning? Have you had any reports about a woman walking around naked?
MR. HENDRICKS: No, Mr. Foote, not yet. But once the summer season starts, you never know what to expect. Color of hair and eyes?
MR. FOOTE: Her hair is... oh, dirty blond, I guess. Sandy, I don't know what color her eyes are. I'll have to ask her date. No, he says he doesn't know either. Let's say hazel.
MR. HENDRICKS: Okay, Mr. Foote. We'll get on it. As soon as we find out anything, we'll contact you.

  1. five-seven - 5 футов 7 дюймов (o росте) = 152 см
  2. one-twenty and one-thirty - 120 фунтов и 130 фунтов (o весе) = 54 кг и 58 кг

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