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Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Leaving a Message

MR. CLARK: Mrs. Henderson?
MR. CLARK: Ma'am, my name is Ray Clark. I'm a friend of Mutt's and Jiggs Casey's. Jiggs gave me your phone number and told me to call when I got to town. I just missed Mutt in Washington.
MRS. HENDERSON: Oh, that's too bad. Mutt got in late Monday, but he had to go right out to the base. I'm afraid he'll be there through the weekend, too.
MR. CLARK: Any way I can reach him?
MRS. HENDERSON: (laughing) If you find out, please tell me. I don't even know where it is.
MR. CLARK: You mean you've never seen it?
MRS. HENDERSON: Well, he did show me the general direction once when we were driving over to White Sands, so at least I know my husband's not in Alaska.
MR. CLARK: Service wives have it rough. (1)
MRS. HENDERSON: You're not in the service? (Mrs. Henderson 's voice became guarded.)
MR. CLARK: Oh, sure. (Clark lied.) That's how I know how it is. Or, rather, my wife does. They keep me traveling all the time.
MRS. HENDERSON: Oh. (She sounded relieved.) Well, tell me where you are stopping, and if he does get home, I'll have him call you.
MR. CLARK: Sorry. (He lied again.) I've got to fly to L.A. this afternoon. Just tell him Ray called. And thanks anyway, Mrs. Henderson.

  1. Service wives have it rough. - Таков удел жен военных.

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