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Телефонный разговорник

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Making Appointments
Договоренность о деловой встрече

Appointment with a Sales Manager

SECRETARY: Hello. US Computers Limited.
SOKOLOV: Good morning. This is Sokolov, of Metatek, Russian-Swiss Joint Venture.
SECRETARY: Good morning, Mr. Sokolov. Can I be of any help to you?
SOKOLOV: Could I have an appointment with some senior official of your company, please?
SECRETARY: What business are you in, sir?
SOKOLOV: Computers. Metatek is looking for reliable foreign companies which can supply us computers and spare parts.
SECRETARY: Then you should speak with Mr. Nadler, our Sales Manager. Will you wait a minute, sir? I'll get in touch with Mr. Nadler. (After a pause.) Mr. Nadler suggests this Thursday.
SOKOLOV: Yes, it's-fine/What time, please?
SECRETARY: Thursday, at 10 a.m.
SOKOLOV: Thank you. Goodbye.
SECRETARY: Thank you, sir. Goodbye.

sales manager - коммерческий директор
Russian-Swiss Joint Venture - Российско-швейцарское совместное коммерческое предприятие
reliable foreign company - надежная иностранная компания
spare parts - запасные части
to get in touch with smb - войти в контакт с кем-либо

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