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Promoting the Russian-American Economic Cooperation

The economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States of America is mutually beneficial and is considered an important factor of political stabilization.

MR. SUKHAREV: Hello, my name is Sukharev.
SECRETARY: Good morning. Where do you come from, Mr. Sukharev?
MR. SUKHAREV: From the Russian Federation. I'm a representative of the Partnership for Progress Society.
SECRETARY: What can I do for you, Mr. Sukharev?
MR. SUKHAREV: I would like to talk with Mr. Tucker.
SECRETARY: Hold on, please. I'll try to get you in touch with Mr. Tucker. (After a pause.)

MR. TUCKER: Speaking, Mr. Sukharev.
MR. SUKHAREV: Good morning, Mr. Tucker. As you know, leading Russian and American experts have signed a document promoting a new concept of economic relations between our two countries.
MR. TUCKER: Yes, the concept which became known as "Partnership for Progress" is attracting more US investments to the Russian economy.
MR. SUKHAREV: With the purpose of...?
MR. TUCKER: With the purpose of setting up enterprises in the field of consumer goods, production and services.
MR. SUKHAREV: Is the US government participating in the programme?
MR. TUCKER: Yes, it is. The government will create a favourable climate for deliveries of equipment, know-how and licences.
MR. SUKHAREV: I understand that the question is not only of aid in the traditional sense of this term, but of real partnership.
MR. TUCKER: That's right. The Russian Federation and the USA can speed up the solution of the problem of their economic relations by effective cooperation.
MR. SUKHAREV: When will the text of the Partnership for Progress programme appear?
MR. TUCKER: The programme will be presented to the Conference of the American-Russian Trade and Economic Council. We will send you a copy.
MR. SUKHAREV: Where and when will the Conference take place?
MR. TUCKER: Most probably it will be convened in New York in November this year.
MR. SUKHAREV: Who will participate in the Conference?
MR. TUCKER: The representatives of the governments, the American-Russian Trade and Economic Council and of private businesses.
MR. SUKHAREV: Will the observers be admitted?
MR. TUCKER: Yes, we expect observers and experts from the non-government organisations.
MR. SUKHAREV: Thank you, Mr. Tucker, for your valuable information.
MR. TUCKER: You are welcome. I hope to see you in November.
MR. SUKHAREV: I'll be coming. Goodbye.
MR. TUCKER: Goodbye, Mr. Sukharev. See you at the Conference.

promoting - содействие
enterprise - производтсво, предприятие
the Partnership for Progress Society - Общество "Сотрудничесвто ради прогресса"
consumer goods -потребительские товары
non-government organisation - неправительственная организация
licence - лицензия
mutually beneficial - взаимовыгодный
investment - вложение, инвестирование
valuable information - ценная информация
to speed up - ускорять
solution - решение
to convene - созывать
aid - помощь
purpose - цель
the American-Russian Trade and Economic Council - Российско-американский совет по развитию торговли и экономики

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