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Деловые и коммерческие разговоры по телефону


Mr. Boris Turov, a representative of "Rosgosstrakh" (The Russian State Insurance Company) has a talk with Mr. Philip Powell, an American insurance specialist.
MR. TUROV: Good morning, Mr. Powell. Welcome to Moscow.
MR. POWELL: Good morning, Mr. Turov. I'm glad to have a talk with my Russian colleague.
MR. TUROV: I'm happy to meet a person who has such an extensive experience in insurance.
MR. POWELL: I've heard, Mr. Turov, that you have a reputation of a man who has radical views on how to stimulate insurance in your country.
MR. TUROV: You see, potential customers often do not trust our national insurers, and we are rying to find the reason of their mistrust.
MR. POWELL: Our insurance companies had the same trouble years ago, but now the people believe in insurance.
MR. TUROV: What kind of insurance?
MR. POWELL: Different kinds: life insurance for employees, social and health insurance, property insurance in enterprises and insurance against financial risks.
MR. TUROV: Do you have people who don't have any insurance?
MR. POWELL: Yes, in America there are some, but not many. What are the causes that prevent people from insuring in your country?
MR. TUROV: The main reasons are a lack of information and the absence of advantages.
MR. POWELL: Lack of information could be compensated by attractive advertising.
MR. TUROV: Yes, you are right, but the insurers themselves are not providing extensive information on their own business.
MR. POWELL: You mentioned the absence of advantages of insurance?
MR. TUROV: The investment opportunities are restricted by the inadequate insuring legislation existing in our country. We hope that some radical laws will be approved by the government.
MR. POWELL: Do you have any private insurance companies in your country?
MR. TUROV: Yes, we do, but not many.
MR. POWELL: How do the people protect their money and property from inflation?
MR. TUROV: "Rosgosstrakh" is engaged in all kinds of insurance, but its main field of action is the sale of life and property insurance policies.
MR. POWELL: Does your insurance system protect the socially vulnerable strata of population?
MR. TUROV: Yes, to a certain degree. "Rosgosstrakh" retains its commitment to offering protection to this strata of population. Current development has shown a greater increase in the share of premiums.
MR. POWELL: What can you say about commercial companies insurance?
MR. TUROV: In conditions of high inflation and economic instability "Rosgosstrakh" has shifted its emphasis on to companies insurance.
MR. POWELL: Speaking about private farmers' property...
MR. TUROV: This is our weak point. But we managed to form a special fund to help private farmers.
MR. POWELL: Now I see that your people are doing something to safeguard the insurance market and to expand the activities of your insurance company.
MR. TUROV: We are trying to do our best, but it is only the beginning.
MR. POWELL: I wish you success, Mr. Turov.
MR. TUROV: Thank you, Mr. Powell. Goodbye.
MR. POWELL: Goodbye.

insurance - страхование
The Russian State Insurance Company - Российская государственная страховая компания
insurer - страхователь
life insurance - страхование жизни
social and health insurance - социальное и медицинское страхование
property insurance - страхование собственности
lack of information - недостаток информации
absence of advantage - отсутствие преимущества
attractive advertising - привлекательная реклама
to provide extensive information - обеспечивать широкую информацию
investment opportunities - возможности инвестирования
inadequate insurance legislation - несовершенное страховое законодательство
radical laws - радикальные законы
socially vulnerable strata - социально уязвимые слои
commitment - обязательство
current development - развитие в данное время
the share of premiums - выдача премиальных надбавок
economic instability - экономическая нестабильность
to shift emphasis - перенести внимание
private farmers' property - частная собственность фермеров
to expand the activity - расширять сферу деятельности
to safeguard - гарантировать
insurance market - страховой рынок

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