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Talks Among Diplomats
Разговоры на дипломатические темы


Two young diplomats, Russian and American, both members of their respective delegations to the General Assembly of the United Nations, meet in the lobby of the UN Secretariat in New York. Among other questions, they talk about the foreign services of their countries and prominent Russian and American diplomats.

MR. BRIGGS: So you've crossed the Atlantic to come to New York again, Mr. Artov?
MR. ARTOV: Yes, I have. Among other things separating us is the Atlantic Ocean. You're lucky, Briggs. It takes you only two hours to get to New York, whereas I have to fly here for more than fifteen hours.
MR. BRIGGS: You can afford it once a year. I wish I could travel to Moscow at my government's expense.
MR. ARTOV: Who heads the American delegation at this G.A.?
MR. BRIGGS: This time it is a lady, an old friend of the President.
MR. ARTOV: Democrat or Republican?
MR. BRIGGS: Republican, of course. She is a professional diplomat. Do you have women-diplomats in your foreign service?
MR. ARTOV: Yes, we have. A woman-diplomat once headed our UN mission to the Geneva headquarters.
MR. BRIGGS: Are there any women-ambassadors?
MR. ARTOV: Not now. Prior and during the war Mrs. Alexandra Kollon-tay was our ambassador in Sweden.
MR. BRIGGS: This is very interesting. Tell me about her.
MR. ARTOV: Mrs. Kollontay was the first woman to become an accredited diplomat to a foreign country.
MR. BRIGGS: We, in the States, too, have a couple of ladies occupying high posts in the State Department. I'm afraid they are not so prominent as Mrs. Kollontay.
MR. ARTOV: If I am not mistaken, Mrs. Lewis was US ambassador in Italy. Where is she now?
MR. BRIGGS: She has already retired.
MR. ARTOV: Since when?
MR. BRIGGS: Oh, years ago. The American permanent delegation to the UN is headed by a lady now.
MR. ARTOV: Mrs. Notallbright?
MR. BRIGGS: Yes, do you know her?
MR. ARTOV: Not personally. She seems to be very active, doesn't she?
MR. BRIGGS: I think the State Department makes her that active. She is a well-educated person, though. She is an official who tries to do her best to carry out orders she gets from above
MR. ARTOV: I should think so. One of the American newspapers called her "a militant lady".
MR. BRIGGS: Our press writes a lot about her. The other day I read an article in the "Readers' Digest" where she is considered to be "undiplomatic ambassador of the USA".
MR. ARTOV: Not very complimentary. A diplomat should be diplomatic, at least to justify the name.
MR. BRIGGS: The break is over, let's go to the Assembly Hall.
MR. ARTOV: Off we go, Briggs.

lobby - фойе
prominent - видный
an accredited diplomat - аккредитованный дипломат
to retire - уходить в отставку
headquarters - штаб
complimentary - похвально

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