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An Office Romance

FRED: Hello, Yuri. This is Fred.
YURI: Hello, Fred. How are you?
FRED: Very busy. We've got a lot of work here with the documents.
YURI: I know. It's the usual thing with the Documents Office before the Assembly.
FRED: Do you know the news?
YURI: No, what is it?
FRED: Can you imagine - Dorothy and John are engaged.
YURI: Which John? The one working in the Conference Department?
FRED: That's right. And Dorothy is with the Technical Assistance Department.
YURI: When was the engagement announced?
FRED: A week ago.
YURI: Have they set the day for the wedding?
FRED: No, not yet. But John says they will marry sometime in November or December. He says you're on the guest list.
YURI: Am I? Then I've got to think about a wedding present.
FRED: It's top early yet. He will send you an invitation to the wedding party.
YURI: And who is the best man?
FRED: Their choice fell on me because I'm a bachelor.
YURI: Congratulations! They could not have chosen a better man. You are witty, bright and will keep them from the little worries which usually crop up at the ceremony.
FRED: I'll try to do my best, as the best man should do. See you at the office on Monday. Bye-bye.
YURI: Bye-bye, Fred.

romance - роман
to imagine - представлять
to be engaged - быть помолвленным
wedding - свадьба
bachelor - холостяк
the best man - шафер
to keep free from worries - освобождать от забот

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