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Телефонный разговорник

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры


Extending an Invitation to Lunch

MR. SEROV: This is Mr. Serov speaking.
MR. WESTON: Good afternoon, Mr. Serov. This is Weston.
MR. SEROV: Hello, Mr. Weston. What a surprise! I didn't expect you to be back in London so soon.
MR. WESTON: This time I'm here only on a short visit and I'd like very much to meet you. Could you join me for lunch, say, tomorrow?
MR. SEROV: Thanks for your kind invitation but I'm afraid I'm booked up for tomorrow. Could you suggest an alternative date?
MR. WESTON: Just a second. I'll look at my schedule. Can we make it Friday, then?
MR. SEROV: Yes, that'd be splendid.
MR. WESTON: I'll be in touch with you and let you know the place and time.
MR. SEROV: Thank you for the invitation. Goodbye.
MR. WESTON: See you on Friday.

What a surprise! - Какая неожиданность!
kind invitation - любезное приглашение
to be in touch - поддерживать контакт
to suggest an alternative date - предлагать другую дату
splendid - отлично
I'll let you know - я дам вам знать

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