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Телефонный разговорник

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры


Invitation to Watch TV

MR. JACKSON: Hello, Mr. Ivanov. My wife and I would like to have you over for a quiet evening. Come about seven. Don't bother to have your supper before you come, we'll offer you some TV snacks.
MR. IVANOV: I'll be glad to come. What are they showing tonight?
MR. JACKSON: They're telecasting the Canada-Russia hockey game on Channel One at half past seven. When that is over we'll tune in to Channel Two for a variety show.
MR. IVANOV: I'm afraid I'm not a great lover of variety shows.
MR. JACKSON: Well, then we can switch to a newscast, or a late film. They are showing some prewar American films.
MR. IVANOV: No films for me. Those commercials always cut short at the most exciting moments. I am sick and tired of business during my office hours.
MR. JACKSON: Good, then we'll let you pick the programme yourself. Till tonight then.
MR. IVANOV: Thank you and goodbye.

to watch TV - смотреть телевизионные передачи
quiet evening - тихий вечер
to offer snacks - предлагать легкие закуски
to telecast - передавать по телевидению
exciting moment - захватывающий момент
variety show - эстрадное представление
to tune in to Channel Two - настраивать на второй канал
to be sick and tired - надоедать до смерти
to switch to a newscast -переключаться на последние известия

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