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Телефонный разговорник

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Предварительные заказы по телефону

A Restaurant Reservation

MANAGER: Hello. Savoy Restaurant.
MR. DEDOV: Good afternoon. This is Dedov from Techmachimport here. We would like to make arrangements with you for a small dinner party for tomorrow night.
MANAGER: Very good, sir. How many people do you expect?
MR. DEDOV: We'll have 20 persons.
MANAGER: Then I think the Rose Room would be the most appropriate. I suggest one long table, nine on each side, with one at each end. That would leave plenty of space for a little bar to be set up for your drinks.
MR. DEDOV: That sounds fine. I like the idea of the little bar.
MANAGER: What would you like to order for dinner?
MR. DEDOV: Well, I was thinking of, say, a four-course affair with wines and champagne.
MANAGER: Then I'd suggest hors-d'oeuvre or turtle soup, sole or omelette, beef fillet or roast duckling. And for dessert ice pudding.
MR. DEDOV: Good. It suits my taste admirably.
MANAGER: And what about the wines?
MR. DEDOV: If we are having soup, I think we'll take a dry sherry. For the main course a red wine definitely and then finish up with champagne. That's all. Anyway I think that would be roughly what I have in mind.
MANAGER: Good. What time do you wish to begin?
MR. DEDOV: 1 for 7.30.
MANAGER: Thank you very much, Mr. Dedov. Goodbye.
MR. DEDOV: Goodbye.

the most appropriate - наиболее подходящий
it suits my taste - это меня устраивает
roughly - приблизительно
hors-d'oeuvre or turtle soup, sole or omelette, beef fillet or roast duckling - закуска или суп из черепахи
7 for 7.30 - c 7 no 7.30 - с 7 до 7.30 - (сбор гостей)

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