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Предварительные заказы по телефону

Flight Delays

MR. BLAKE: Good afternoon, Mr. Vasiljev. This is Blake from the Protocol Department.
MR. VASILJEV: Good afternoon, Mr. Blake.
MR. BLAKE: I'd like to bring to your attention that Flight 903 by which the Russian Delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Trade is due to get to London is delayed. We've just had a message that owing to a dense fog all aircraft bound for London has been diverted to Amsterdam.
MR. VASILJEV: Thank you very much for letting us know. I wonder if you would be so kind as to give us a ring when you are sure of the time the plane will be arriving.
MR. BLAKE: Yes, don't you worry. I'll certainly do that. Goodbye.
MR. VASILJEV: Goodbye.

to bring to attention - довести до сведения
dense fog - густой туман

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