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American Slang (Американский сленг)

aint = is not - нет
awesome = very good, great, cool, exiting, tight, enjoyable
awesome - (амер.,разг.) потрясающий, фантастический
Пример: That was awesome! - Это было потрясающе!
awesome possum - восторженная оценка чего-л.
Пример: How are classes going? - Awesome possum! — Как дела в школе? - Лучше не бывает.
baller - 1. someone who is very good at sports (usually basketball or football)
2. someone who is very successful

bootleg = something that has been recorded illegally - бутлег (полупиратское издание музыки какой-либо группы - обычно это сборники из неопубликованных записей или официальные альбомы, дополненные какими-л. ещё записями)

booty = a butt, rear end, buttocks - зад, ягодицы
badonkadunk = a butt, booty, buttocks

beezy / bizzle / brizzle = girl, woman (could be considered rude)
bejamins = $100 dollar bills
a bill = $100
bucks = dollar bills (money)

to be bent on doing something = to be very determined to do something

to blast music / to bump music = to play music very loudly
bling = shiny jewelry - брюлики, цацки (дорогие, броские ювелирные украшения), шик
bogus = counterfeit, fake, not real - поддельный, подложный, фальшивый, фиктивный (от названия машины для чеканки фальшивой монеты)

to bounce = to leave - (разг.) увольнение
Пример: Have you ever thought of giving her a bounce? - Ты никогда не думал о том, чтобы выгнать её взашей?
bows = elbows
brawl = a physical fight involving many people - шумная ссора, перебранка, скандал; драка
Пример: drunken brawl - пьяная драка
to be broke = to have very little or no money
bubbly = champagne

to bust something = to break something
to get busted = to get in trouble for something
to buy time = to stall or delay something in order to give someone more time to do something

cell, celly = a cellular phone
change = a lot of money
a cheap shot = a hit or punch when someone is not expecting it
cheddar / cheese = a way to say money

chica / chick = a way to say girl (actually is the Spanish word for girl)
to chill out = to relax, to be relaxing, to be calm

to cop something = to get something
cop - полицейский
Пример: He copped Joe as he was coming out of the granary. — Он схватил Джо на месте преступления, когда тот выходил из амбара.
crooked cop = a police officer that acts illegally or unethically

cougar = a lady that pursues, and is attracted to, significantly younger men

crunk = very fun, exciting, cool, awesome; to be under the alcohol and marijuana at the same time
to cut a rug = to dance
deez = these

to have deep pockets = to have a lot of money
to diss someone = to say something offensive to someone
offensive - обидное, оскорбительное

dough = a way to say money
drawers = a way to say underwear - нижнее белье
to drop money on something = to spend money on something

to eye something = to see something, to look at something

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