There are a great number of theatres in London: the chief theatres, music-halls and so on. They are mainly in the West End. No doubt; you will easily find the way to spend an enjoyable evening in London. You can choose opera, ballet, drama, comedy, variety, musical comedy, revue.

You can ask about the best seats at theatres. The best ones are those in the stalls, the circle, and the upper circle. Then comes the pit. The gallery offers the cheapest seats.

Boxes are the most expensive.

All the theatres and music halls have their own orchestras with popular conductors. If you are an opera-goer, you are sure to get best of everything - an excellent orchestra, famous conductors, celebrated singers and well-dressed audience. But if you don't like music and singing, opera will be boring for you.

At the theatres situated in the West End you can see plenty of famous actors and actresses. It goes without saying that the plays here are magnificently staged. Costumes, dresses, scenery are done on the most lavish scale.

If you choose a play you like, you'll enjoy yourself.

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