I love birds very much. I especially love to watch them in natural surroundings. But it is also great when living in a city you can listen to birds singing every morning. You can do it if you keep birds at home. But before taking a bird home you should consider many things. First of all you must understand that it takes much effort even to look after a small bird. You can encounter problems with feeding. Now we have possibilities to buy any kind of feeding stuff for the majority of birds. But in small towns there may not be such pet food. Birds often fall ill because for various reasons. And one must be prepared to regularly take them to the vet. So if you are not ready to look after your pet properly, do not buy even a parrot.

Parrots are obviously the most popular pet birds. There are various parrots, so you can choose the type of a bird that suits you most. Parrots are very clever birds. They get used to people, so that they can sit on peoples hands and play with them. Usually most of birds kept by people are afraid of them. You can easily let parrots walk off their cages and be sure they will not panic. Parrots are often glad to play with people and are easily taught different tricks.

Parrots are really very funny. It is great even to watch them move in a cage. People love parrots for their ability to memorize words and to reproduce them. It is fantastic, but in many cases parrots say words and phrases perfectly suitable for a situation. The capacity of a bird’s vocabulary depends on its size. Big parrots such as cockatoos and macaws can memorize and use up to several hundred words and phrases. Personally I love big parrots. The good thing about keeping big parrots is that they can live 30-50 years. But keeping such big birds in good conditions takes much money. Good spacious cages cost a lot. It is not very noticeable when you buy good food for small birds, but it is quite noticeable when you buy the same food in large quantities. To feel healthy parrots must eat various food and fruit. Do you have enough money to buy all this?

If you want to have a wild kind of birds at home, you can find many of them in your local pet shop. Most of these birds sing very well. A lot of people buy canaries. I do not like canaries, because of their boring colour. Personally I like beautiful multicoloured birds of finch family. Finches are very active birds and they move really fast. Also I like them for the sounds they produce. Each kind of finches has its own voice. These birds in nature live only in groups. Do not make your finch feel lonely. Buy him a friend. When I look at the finches in my room bad mood disappears, because these birds are very optimistic. Actually finches are close relatives to our sparrows.

People in Asia mostly keep birds as pets for several reasons. The main reason is that not all Asians have flats and houses large enough for a cat to feel comfortable. As for me, I cannot picture myself living without birds. I love to watch them and I love to care for them.

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