In most cases every year we have absolutely similar celebrations of our birthdays. And it really becomes a boring routine. Birthdays must not be boring at all. I want to celebrate my next birthday in an absolutely differently way. I want to have an ideal birthday. But the problem is that it will require a large sum of money. Anyway this is my dream of an ideal birthday.

I want to celebrate my birthday in a faraway exotic place. Let it be an island in the Mediterranean Sea. But this should be a small uninhabited island, with a beautiful sand beach, palms and fruit trees. My friends and I will get there in a yacht. We will sail to the island from Europe and spend on board about a week. The yacht will have all the comforts that a flat has. The birthday party will be held on the island.

The birthday menu will consist of local products: seafood and fruits. We will catch fish, crabs and lobsters to grill them on fire. Of course we will have to bring wine with us, because there will be no supermarkets on the island. For the dessert there will be no cakes, but tasty sweet local fruit. We will have a friendly chat, sitting by the fire on an island, surrounded by water.

After dinner we will bathe in the sea and lie on the beach, enjoying the sun. As for presents, I will ask my friends to dig them somewhere. After that they will draw a map and give me some hints how to find the presents. At night we will continue sitting by the fire and drinking wine. We will lie on our backs gazing at stars in the night sky. Night sky is especially clear at sea. It is such a pleasure to look into the endless night sky and talk or keep silent. On the next day we will sail back. This will be the best birthday in my life.

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