It is quite difficult to call a fish a "pet". For me a pet is an animal that you can pat or stroke. And you cannot stroke a fish, because it is wet and cold.

If you do so then it will surely not be pleased like a cat. A fish pet is an excellent variant for those who can admire anything by merely beholding it. I think people who keep fish do not make decisions without carefully thinking everything over.

These people like to attend art galleries and read good serious books. There are thousands of kinds of fish in the world, and everyone can find his fish.

The world of fish is extremely various. What particularly amazes me is shapes of their bodies and eyes. I find it very curious to watch fish’s eyes. The most colourful and fantastic fish live in tropical seas. There are two main difficulties that may prevent one from keeping the fish he wants to. First of all exotic fish cost a lot. Not only fish are expensive, but all the necessary equipment that makes fish feel comfortable is much more expensive.

Of course one may buy fish that are popular and therefore cheap. But most of popular in Russia fish are not colourful or rather small. As for me, I like big fish, and colour is not important to me. If I had an opportunity I would keep small sharks, skates and cat-fish. I love dangerous kinds of fish. I would love to have in my aquarium such fish as porcupine fish and moray eels.

As far as I know big fish have intellect and can recognize people. Imagine that you can approach the aquarium and your favourite fish starts to immediately swim in your direction like a dog delighted by its master’s visit. As I said I find it rather difficult to admire small decorative fish in small aquariums.

So I would love to spend lots of time watching big exotic and dangerous fish in large aquariums. I feel very relaxed when I watch fish. They live their unhurried lives. People do not need to take anti stress pills. It is quite enough to sit in silence and watch fish swimming. It is a pity that my flat is not large enough to room a big aquarium. It is also a pity that fish cannot speak. To me some fish look like real philosophers. I wish I could know what they think about!

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