My birthday is in the middle of summer. I prefer to celebrate it in my flat. I do not like big noisy birthday parties. I usually invite my close friends and we have dinner in the kitchen. I have got a large rather cozy kitchen with an air conditioner. So it does not matter how hot it is outside.

As for food I prefer to make light dishes. I buy a lot of vegetables and fruit. It is not healthy to eat meat in summer, so I buy only sea products. My friends and I dislike strong alcoholic drinks. We prefer good red wines. I do not like when there is to much tasty food at a birthday party. Hosts in Russia always feel a kind of offended when guests eat and drink little. But when I try to eat and drink everything I am offered, I become so full, that I can hardly move and feel very sleepy. I do not like this situation. So I do not want my guests to fell the same. Well, I do not want them to be hungry, but I do not try to overfeed them. I cook several light dishes, but buy a lot of good wine.

I really love to talk over dinner with my friends, but not to talk after eating. So we eat tasty food, drink excellent wine and have a talk about everything. After dinner we move to the sitting room where I we continue drinking wine. We seat in the comfortable arm-chairs and listen to good blues or jazz music from my collection. This is all very relaxing.

An hour later it is high time to think about the birthday cake. I love birthday cakes, but do not understand why they are usually served right after dinner, when it is pretty difficult to feel temptation to try a birthday cake. When my guests have digested all the food, I call them to have tea with a birthday cake. I blow out the candles and we start having tea.

After tea we watch a new film on DVD. Then I suggest going for a walk to the park. There is a rather large park with a pond not very far from my place. It is not hot outside, because it is evening. We walk slowly enjoying ourselves. Then we say good buy to each other. It was a very good day. My birthday is over.

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