No doubt that school is our second home. We spend a lot of time at school acquiring deep knowledge, which can help us to understand our life better. It plays an important role in our life.

This year I shall finish my native school №2. Sometimes I am sad because I am finishing school but nevertheless I am very happy.

I had never thought that the 11 form would be so had for me. By this time I always thought that studding in this form was simple. I thought that all of the teachers help us to finish school well. But I was wrong. We have one teacher who doesn't like us. She has some of pupils, which she likes. I am not of this pupils and I can't find common language with her. Therefore she doesn't like me and I don't like her. So I am very happy that I am finishing school and I shall not see this teacher. And she will not destroy my nerves! And I have the good thins and teachers in school which I will remember with pleasure.

I think school gave me not only knowledge but also a confidence in my strengths. And school taught me not to appear before problems even somebody says to me that I am not very clever and I could not study at university and my parents always should pay for me.

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