There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. March, April and May are spring months. Spring is the most pleasant of all the seasons of the year. The weather is getting warmer and warmer, everything changes and seems to revive. The trees begin to bud. Sometimes it rains, but there are no rough winds; the sun shines brightly. The grass is green and one can see a lot of flowers peeping out from it. In spring all the migratory birds return. They sing sweetly on the branches of the trees. The summer months are June, July and August. Summer is the hottest season of the year. The days are longest in summer. The longest day of the year is the 22nd of June. Some people like summer best of all. All of us enjoy summer with its cloudless sunshine, with its gardens and meadows full of flowers. There is a lot of fruit and vegetables at that time. In summer many people leave town and spend the hottest time in the country or at the seaside. After summer autumn comes. The autumn months are September, October and November. The warm days of early autumn arc called the "Indian Summer" or the "Golden Autumn". The "Golden Autumn" is really beautiful with its yellow, red and brown trees and golden leaves falling down. Autumn is the season of fruit and vegetables. But the days become shorter and the nights longer and darker. The weather is not so good as in spring and in summer. It often rains and the air gets colder and colder. Winter is the coldest season of the year. The winter months are December, January and February. The winter days are short and gloomy. It often snows and it freezes. Winter is a very beautiful season too. Some people like it very much. It is pleasant to walk when it is not very cold and it snows. The ground is covered with snow. The trees and the roofs are white with snow too. Winter also gives great opportunities for those who go m for winter sports. I think every season has a charm of its own.

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